The Borrowed Verse Album

The Borrowed Verse album, released June 15, features a collective of acclaimed songwriters—including Glenn Richards (Augie March), Ben Salter, Angie Hart (Frente!) and Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange)—exploring diverse poetic orbits, from Kenneth Slessor and Judith Wright to Uncle Herb Wharton, Dorothy Porter and Michael Dransfield.

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  1. Glenn Richards — A Strange Bird
    (poem by Michael Dransfield)
  2. Tom Cooney — Morbid Fascination
    (poem by Pascalle Burton)
  3. Augie March — Mephistopheles Perverted
    (poem by Kenneth Slessor)
  4. Angie Hart — The Bee Hut
    (poem by Dorothy Porter)
  5. Ben Salter — Tracks
    (poem by Uncle Herb Wharton)
  6. Paul Bonetti — Midwinter (Making a Shelter from the Rain)
    (poem by Michael Dransfield)
  7. Ben Salter — Where Corals Lie
    (poem by Richard Garnett)
  8. Angie Hart — Not The Same
    (poem by Dorothy Porter)
  9. The Stress of Leisure — Straws
    (poem by David Stavanger)
  10. Emily Lubitz — Today You Asked Me If I Remember What You Told Me About Love
    (poem by Oscar Schwartz)
  11. Jessie L. Warren — Dear John
    (poem by Maria Zajkowski)
  12. Nausicaa — Silence
    (poem by Judith Wright)